Green Roofs and Green Roofing

Apollo Roofing is an established expert in roofing system technology and installation, including “Green Roof” systems such as those manufactured by the world leader - Sika Sarnafil. In fact, Apollo Roofing is one of the few in Southern New England Sarnafil Elite contractors.

Green roofs, sometimes called vegetated roofing are not just green friendly, they are often quite literally green. These roofs can be planted with grasses, herbs and flowers, in some cases even trees.  Green roofs can improve air quality, reduce noise and even extend the life of a roof by moderating roof temperatures that cause roof structures to expand and contract.

A green roof system is not only pleasing to the eye and good for the environment, it is also frequently the most practical choice for many applications.

One of Rhode Island’s leading nonprofit advocacy organizations, Save The Bay, opted for a “Green Roof” from Sarnafil, which was installed by Apollo Roofing for their Providence, RI headquarters. In addition to its many environmentally green friendly properties, Sika Sarnafil’s adhered roof system also happened to be the most practical solution for Save The Bay’s low sloped roof. The roof planting took place in 2004 and today the building’s roof represents a signature landmark on Rhode Island’s historic Narragansett Bay.

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